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C.P.S. is an internationally recognized distributor, and  research company.  Here at C.P.S. our team continues to encourage findings and feedback of the new and improved CAT A in color.  As always our goal is to help psychologists  recognize mental disorders as early as possible in their patients.  We encourage our viewers to look at studies from the international mental health communities that our posted on our homepage.

Any feedback that we recognize as valuable will be considered for posting on our website. This feedback will not only benefit the mental health community at large, but also the  psychologist, as their feedback will be give them  FREE publicity!

Click HERE for a new publication "Object Assessment Using the C.A.T." - A Comparative Study

CPS CAT Color Cover C.A.T.-A Illustrations - Now in Color!

Our C.A.T.-A Illustrations are now available in vibrant colors, making it easier and quicker for young children to relate to!

Now published in South Africa, S. Korea, Italy and Israel!

  "I like the C.A.T. -A in color, because I apply psychodynamic interpretation to examinee responses. I use it in various situations. I plan to continue using the CPS projective tools with examinees who (a) are likely to have emotional problems and (b) are reticent to articulate." - Dr. D, Psy.D., Claremont, CA

  "The addition of color to the C.A.T.-A provides a useful update to this important test.  The use of color should promote greater engagement of children in the assessment.  In addition, including color in the test stimuli has the potential to open up avenues for analysis of structural features of examinees' responses." - Marc J. Diener, Ph.D., Ass't Professor - Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program
Long Island University - CW Post Campus
January 2013

"The CAT can be used effectively by forensic psychologists for custody cases and
for criminal cases such as in sexual abuse.
" - Dr Andrea Birdsall, Edinburgh -UK


The French title is Le CAT: Analyse des Elaborations Prises Comme Jeux (I translate: The CAT: Analysis of the Child’s Productions Deciphered as Plays). published by Groupeditions Editors (Montreal, Canada)

"This book applies to the productions obtained with the CAT the analytic method which the author has proposed for deciphering the allegories obtained with the TAT and the free plays. That method invites the clinician to focus his attention on the content of the allegories; this content reveals the affective development level of the child : either oedipian, or phallic (high level anaclitic), or mid-level anaclitic or low level anaclitic. The first task is to identify in the allegory the figure which represents the child. That figure, called identity support, is habitually present in the image but it may be out of the image occasionally. Once this support is identified, it becomes easy for the clinician to guess the child’s intentions and wishes and to identify the family members hidden behind the other animals. Then, the deeper meaning of the allegory becomes accessible. That meaning makes possible to give a precise overview of the child's developmental level and from that moment, to determine not only the source of his psychological problems but also the true meaning of the call for help or of the prostest which is addressed unconsciously to parental figures by dysfunctional behaviors. Each and every child psychotherapist in search of substantial and lasting results must be aware of all those data because they circumscribe in a specific and precise manner the psychodynamic ground on which the psychotherapy work must get under way and be maintained until the end".  

The intended audience: students in psychology, child psychologists or psychotherapists, child psychoanalysts, child psychiatrists, etc.

The theorical and empirical basis of the book: child development, child psychoanalysis, psychodynamics. 

The major selling points of the book: easily acquired mastership of the CAT test,  method easy to understand, great effectiveness at the clinical and therapeutic levels. 

The book is soft cover and 328 pages. Price is $40  $24.99

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