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C.A.T. Training Conference

The AFPAG has the honor to organize a training in CAT (Children Apperception Test), the famous projective test for children created by Bellak, which will take place in Paris on September 28 and 29, 2018. It will be led by one of our best university specialists in projective psychology and lecturer, Dr. Valérie Mazoyer.
CPS CAT Color Cover C.A.T.-A Illustrations - Now in Color!

Our C.A.T.-A Illustrations are now available in vibrant colors, making it easier and quicker for young children to relate to!

Now published in South Africa, S. Korea, Italy and Israel!

C.A.T. - A Color Testimonies

  "I like the C.A.T. -A in color, because I apply psychodynamic interpretation to examinee responses. I use it in various situations. I plan to continue using the CPS projective tools with examinees who (a) are likely to have emotional problems and (b) are reticent to articulate." - Dr. D, Psy.D., Claremont, CA

  "The addition of color to the C.A.T.-A provides a useful update to this important test.  The use of color should promote greater engagement of children in the assessment.  In addition, including color in the test stimuli has the potential to open up avenues for analysis of structural features of examinees' responses." - Marc J. Diener, Ph.D., Ass't Professor - Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program
Long Island University - CW Post Campus
January 2013

"The CAT can be used effectively by forensic psychologists for custody cases and
for criminal cases such as in sexual abuse.
" - Dr Andrea Birdsall, Edinburgh -UK

Click HERE for a new publication "Object Assessment Using the C.A.T." - A Comparative Study

53 minutes long
English subtitiles
Click here for animated trailer and segment of the producer with her son
(6 minutes).

Film Testimonies

"This is indeed an interesting usage of CAT material!" - ECPA - Pearson-France (2017)

"Inspiring and wonderful film- great for families to view in groups or privately"
The Friendship Circle- families of special needs children - New Jersey  (2017)

This film raises an important question for us, the parents of different children: how do we bid farewell to someone while the situation forces us into a hand-to hand fight? If a baby kangaroo leaves his pouch at a certain moment, the handicapped child stays longer in the lap of his/her mother. Then the stake is, when does one dare to gently push him/her out? For his/her part, the child also has to prove to the mother that (s)he can become independent.

C.P.S. now offers a revolutionary approach to the use of the C.A.T! This  wonderful film on autism depicts not only the director's life with her autistic teen, but the lives of three other single parents with autistic teenagers. All of these mothers are asked to choose from the CAT, which of the cards depict their lives most accurately.

With the use of the combination of the Children's Apperception Test, and the DVD on Autism, The Kangaroo Complex (the name of the film is based on picture card #4 of the CAT-A), it’s clear both products can be used simultaneously to help parents form a bond between themselves in group settings or individual therapy. The film is an excellent resource.

Benefits the following:
educators, child psychologists, child psychiatrists, social workers, school counselors, neurologists, developmental behavioral psychologists,  pediatricians, and organizations.


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