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Art Therapy

The Bird’s Nest Drawing is an effective modality used by art therapists to measure attachment security (Assessing Attachment with the Bird’s Nest Drawing: A Review of the Research, by Donna Kaiser and Sarah Deaver). In this article there is reference to the objective and relational theories that are based on the Children’s Apperception Test. (please see www.cpspublishinginc.com for CAT)

Likewise, the CAT & BAT can be used to inspire children to express their feelings through drawing and painting.

Students writing dissertations can benefit from the CAT and BAT.

  • They can serve as “can-openers” for communication between assessor and subject. The therapist can note behaviors, and then establish theories, goals, and objectives. The subject can select the cards that are most relatable. The assessor can use their own criteria as a basis for sitting with a subject, and then compare that with the outcome of the session.
  • One topic for a dissertation: to compare the interpretations of the stories told by the subject after seeing the CAT monochrome and CAT color editions.
  • Autistic individuals, who are unsuited for Silicon Valley employment can work in an art setting.

They can they display their art in senior citizen settings.

(See The Sky is the Limit) –hyperlink to the tab

  • The assessor, presented with criteria for a specific diagnosis, can define the criteria by asking the subject to draw or paint their interpretation of the cards, and then encourage the subject to describe the drawing.