Description of Kangaroo Complex

C.P.S. Publishing LLC is proud to announce The Kangaroo Complex, a 53-minute documentary on autism produced by Plexus Production of Brussels, Belgium. The title of the film is based on picture card #4 from the Children’s Apperception Test showing a mother kangaroo carrying a baby in her pouch and a basket loaded with groceries while being followed by a young kangaroo riding a tricycle. Thus, the card emphasizes mothers everyday chores and all that they entail.

In the film, director Sarah Moon, who is also a psychologist, portrays not only her own life with her autistic teenager but also the lives of three other single mothers. Sarah shows the mothers the ten cards of the C.A.T. series and asks them to choose two and use them to describe, reflect, and interpret their own lives.

This film creates a full range of emotions, sensitivity, insights, information, and inspiration. It begins with a humorous cartoon but ends with very emotional footage; therefore, viewer discretion is advised. The Kangaroo Complex is truly a wonderful resource. It can be beneficial as a basis for understanding autism by caregivers in training, associations, psychologists, doctoral students, distributors, and mental health communities worldwide. Someday, with sufficient international support, The Kangaroo Complex could lead the way to a significant discovery of a mechanism for disrupting of the autism gene, thereby offering great hope for parents of autistic children.