Dr. Bellak was referred to as Leo the Lion

The CAT is published in the following countries:

Spain, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, and Croatia

(Photo of Dr. Henry Murray and Dr. Leopold Bellak)

CEO – Kerin Bellak Adams
with Dr. Erik Erickson 1970 NYC Conference

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October 2020

Who knew what would become of the CAT years after it’s inception?!

May 20, 2020

In 2012, the CAT A color edition was published! (In the 1960’s Dr. Bellak had two CAT A cards created into color magic marker samples!)

2014- Autism and the CAT- A student studying to become a psychologist produced a wonderful film called “The Kanagroo Complex” featuring a 53 minute DVD. In it, she and three other single parents of Autistic teenagers, choose which of the CAT cards they identify with the most and describe how their lives reflect their own interpretation of the cards! This film is especially wonderful for educational psychologists, used in group settings in clinics, hospitals etc, and promises not only to educate, but also encourage open communication and spear heads various forms of coping. The CAT can and should be used as the focal point of therapy. Please see Wallonie Image Production at www.wip.be for sales and or rentals!

In 2019, Warner Brothers contacted CPS for permission to use the CAT in their most popular TV series “Young Sheldon”!! For details go to this episode on Pay Per View,
Please visit CBS All Access.

In 2019, The CAT H color edition was published! (This edition with Asians was created at the request of the globe)
As well as the CAT H Culture edition which include African Americans, Asians and Caucasians!

2019-2020, Research begins in Italy and Brazil with teams of psychologists analyze the interpretations of patients ranging from ages 3-14, using the CAT A and CAT H black and white versions to the color editions. Scoring and Norms will be included.

2020 – Israel – First country to put the CAT online: psychtech.co.il

Reports on sales and Uses! The Color editions sell double to the black and white!
The TAT and CAT are now used with different range patients! For example, the TAT is used on children and there are reports that the CAT is used on adults!
The TAT and CAT editions can and should be used to get optimum interpretive stories.

References – Please see the Mihura article, page 270 discussing the positive outcome of the Rorschach in its use of color!
In the document – Mihura et al. (2013) CS MA. pdf page 270 Table 3 – *Strength of the Validity for Rorschach Comprehensive System Variables, points out “Good support”, it is clear that from the research evidence, indicating that these variables actually measure what they claim to measure. The color helps to identify the feelings of the patient