Dr. Bellak was referred to as Leo the Lion

The CAT is published in the following countries:

Spain, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, and Croatia

(Photo of Dr. Henry Murray and Dr. Leopold Bellak)

CEO – Kerin Bellak Adams
with Dr. Erik Erickson 1970 NYC Conference

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September 1, 2021 Newsletter


Preview our latest BAT (Bellak Apperception Test).

The Manual will be completed as soon as possible.

This test has already spread around the globe– France, Israel, and India.

NEW! University Course Outlines

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CAT A and Autism

Microsoft, Ernst and Young, and SAP (U.K) have hired autistic individuals. Many families are not aware of the tremendous growth opportunities that can be discovered.

The Kangaroo Complex based on Card # 4 in the CAT, is a documentary that shows how the CAT can be used by a psychologist in group or individual therapy, This card selection on behalf of the client can stimulate the patient to verbalize, reflect, and identify with how their lives mirror their own interpretations. The patient can be inspired by the film and also realize that their son or daughter may have various opportunities of a different kind. To view a short clip, email cpspsych2@aol.com for a password.

For more information on CAT A & autism, please read  The Sky is the Limit: Autism Lights Up the World!

Recursos en Español

The CAT A and CAT H manuals will be available in Spanish. More details to follow.

Coming in 2022: Spanish editions of these titles by Dr. L. Bellak:

Brief Emergency Psychotherapy

The EFA Manual: Ego Function Manual

BEP Video

AD/HD Success! Solutions to Boosting Self-Esteem

AD/HD Success! Solutions to Boosting Self-Esteem: The Diary Method, Ages 7-17 workbook is designed to boost self-esteem by positively and enthusiastically reinforcing what kids do right naturally in everyday life. Once self-esteem has been developed and maintained, children will focus on their interests and become aware of their untapped strengths.

The workbook comes with a free 15-minute coaching session for parents and/or teens.

Buy the book: https://www.reachbeyondadd.com/books-articles

Book your session:  https://www.reachbeyondadd.com/contact-us/

Calling on universities!

CPS offers a research protocol, suited for dissertation research, comparing the CAT monochrome and color versions along with an article on the validation of the color factor.

Limited time offer:

Receive 10% discount on tests used in research.

Studies will be reviewed by Dr. David Abrams and results may be cited in upcoming 7th edition of the TAT, CAT and SAT.

New Frontiers!

Secrets and Psychoanalysis- The Untold Story of a Legend

Dr. Leopold Bellak’s Life, Legacy and Family – to be published soon!

Instructors interested in pursuing teaching the CAT or the BAT which will earn students CE credits, please let us know.

Psychologists/neuropsychologists who know of universities that have taught and or would be interested in teaching the CAT and BAT, please email CPS.

CEO Note to readers-

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**  Please  write your representatives,  that it is urgent to have all global leaders focus and work together  on the urgency of the global warming and collaborating on emphasizing world leaders to the UN to Plan, Decide and Act on global security.