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T.A.T. / S.A.T. (Gerontological Psychology is a rising field)

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      Card #4 & Card # 8

C.A.T. -H Illustrations In Color (This Version Has Many Asian Subjects In It!)
(Great For Ages 12-14)

They are NOW here!!

“You do great things to continue the legacy of your wonderful measures”

– Dr. Dragos ILiescu- Test Central, Romania

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Card #4 & Card # 7

C.A.T.-A Illustrations – Now in Color!

Our C.A.T.-A Illustrations are now available in vibrant colors, making it easier and quicker for young children to relate to! Now published in South Africa, S. Korea, Italy, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia!

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      Card #4 & Card # 8

C.A.T. -H Cultural Edition

Publishing Date To Be Announced!

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"The C.A.T. -A color is more “child friendly” than the C.A.T. -A monochrome." - Dr. David Abrams (co-author of the TAT, CAT and SAT in Clinical Use)
"Our customer informed: the children were attracted to C.A.T-A and cause more reaction" - Emily - Unifacmanu Trading Co, Taipei, Taiwan
"I like the C.A.T. -A in color, because I apply psychodynamic interpretation to examinee responses. I use it in various situations. I plan to continue using the C.P.S. projective tools with examinees who (a) are likely to have emotional problems and (b) are reticent to articulate." - Dr. D. Psy.D., Claremont, CA
"The addition of color to the C.A.T.-A provides a useful update to this important test. The use of color should promote greater engagement of children in the assessment. In addition, including color in the test stimuli has the potential to open up avenues for analysis of structural features of examinees' responses." - Marc J. Diener, Ph.D., Ass't Professor - Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Long Island University - CW Post Campus - January 2013
"The C.A.T. can be used effectively by forensic psychologists for custody cases and for criminal cases such as in sexual abuse." - Dr Andrea Birdsall, Edinburgh -UK

CAT: Great New Benefits!

Divorce and the CAT
The CAT is used in forensic cases worldwide

Autism and the CAT

Synopsis Of Film

When a baby kangaroo reaches maturity, it leaves its mother’s pouch to discover the world. But this is a distant goal for families with a severely disabled child. It’s the subject of a documentary called ‘Le complexe du kangourou’ (the kangaroo complex), which has just opened in Belgium. Its director, Sarah Moon Howe, a psychology graduate, says it tells the story of the ongoing “body-on-body without boundaries, with children raised in a pocket that gets tighter and tighter.” She decided to film the story of four mothers and their children in the same situation, to observe from close quarters the delicate balance between the constant need for attention and the task of helping them grow, slowly, by themselves.

This DVD is based on CAT-A Card #4. 

Kangaroo Complex is used worldwide to understand autism and the effects on family relations.

Excellent For Psychologist / Educational Psychologist / Caregivers / Schools 

For purchase/rent, please contact
Wallonie Image Production at www.wip.be

Use the CAT with the Kangaroo Complex DVD!

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Art Therapy and CAT

  • Tap into their imaginations
  • Sharpen their language skills
  • Help them to better organize their thoughts
  • Encourage them to feel more empowered

AFPAG-Paris, France

Presents: Conference on the C.A.T. Sept 2018

C.P.S. is proud to announce Warner Brothers presents a new episode of
"Young Sheldon" using the C.A.T.!

To view this episode on Pay Per View,
Please visit CBS All Access.

Year - 1989
Location - Texas University
Actors - Young Sheldon and sister, examiner
Purpose - To examine the IQ and other aspects of intelligence
CPS Products - CAT #3, #10