Dr. Bellak was referred to as Leo the Lion

2023- Introducing the BAT Assessment!  Bellak Apperception Test  (color and black and white versions)Includes 5 cards and 1 five page manual – Manual includes Revised Haworth Schedule and Research Design – Ages 14+

The CAT is published in the following countries:

Spain, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, and Croatia

(Photo of Dr. Henry Murray and Dr. Leopold Bellak)

CEO – Kerin Bellak Adams
with Dr. Erik Erickson 1970 NYC Conference

Member of Association of Test Publishers – Global
Member of Therapeutic Assessments

“Congrats on the beautiful press on Dr Bellak’s work and yourself in the french newsletter of Pearson.”
Dr. Selma  Belghiti -Morroco – Psychologia

” Kerin, we consider that the work you are doing continuing your father’s legacy is very important for Psychology and specifically for Psychological Assessment around the world. The tests published by you bring very important contributions to all professionals who use them and to the people who benefit from the results. We thank you for all the dedication and all the work you do. We are also very grateful to have you and CPS as partners.”
Vetor Editora, Brazil – 8/2022

Kerin, your extremely practical, and it really shows in all your work
Dr. David Abrams

Courses/Training 2023-2024

Formation Professionnelle au CAT
Event by Psychologia
May 12, 2023, 1:30 PM – May 14, 2023, 10:00 AM (your local time)
Prefecture of Casablanca, الدار البيضاء الكبرى, MA

Event link: https://www.psychologia.ma/initiation-au-cat