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Hélène Suarez Labat1 1PCPP, University of Paris The objectives of our research consist of identifying in the tests projectives (Rorschach, Patte Noire, CAT, Scéno-Test) elements of melancholy movements in children aged 3 to 10 years presenting an evolution marked by a problem of loss which manifests itself repetitively by sensitivity to the shadow of the object. The census melancholic affects makes it possible to specify the depressive field in where the child is based on developmental age, modes of access to the depressive position and to the Oedipal organization.

The methods used are the Rorschach which investigates the qualities of self-representation, body image and the integration of transitional phenomena. The Patte Noire and CAT themes allow us to bring to light the different levels of integration of links between orality, anality and genitality, their effects on the organization oedipal and triangulations. Analysis of the results (French School) reveal specific elements always associated with proven fatigue. Using the Rorschach, children perceive shapes whose background and the envelopes are holed, pierced and associated with impressions of empty, loss of identifying anchor. To the themes, the treatment of orality and anality shows distortions of the links associated with primitive defense mechanisms like cleavage and fragmentation forms to avoid suffering and losing one’s unity. In conclusion, in children, melancholic affects reveal the capacity to regression towards primary identifications. The ability to think form of loss allows us to investigate narcissistic resources and goals of the child.

Keywords: child – melancholic affect – loss of object

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