The CAT is published in the following countries:

Spain, Brazil, India, France, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, France, and Croatia

(Photo of Dr. Henry Murray and Dr. Leopold Bellak)

CEO – Kerin Bellak Adams>
Member of Association of Test Publishers – Global
Member of Therapeutic Assessments

” Kerin, we consider that the work you are doing continuing your father’s legacy is very important for Psychology and specifically for Psychological Assessment around the world. The tests published by you bring very important contributions to all professionals who use them and to the people who benefit from the results. We thank you for all the dedication and all the work you do. We are also very grateful to have you and CPS as partners.” – Vector Editora, Brazil – 8/2022

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June 21 2022 Newsletter
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